Bon ISO Whey 100% Protein Isolate

Whey Proteins
Whey Protein Isolate, Minerals, Cocoa Solids, Nature identical Irish Chocolate flavour, Vitamins, DigeZyme, others
Muscle strength and Bone health Whey protein supplement
Daily intake as recommended usage
  • ADVANCE MUSCLE PERFORMANCE WITH BONE STRENGTH: Body is made up of both Muscles and Bones.Ordinary Whey may develop muscle but ignores bone health which is an important element to support Body’s framework.Bon ISO Whey is a holistic supplement which fuels not just muscle building but also bone strength enabling an improved wellbeing.Each serving contains 24g of advanced ISOLATED protein and 329mg of calcium to accelerate muscle and bone recovery.SO WHY ORDINARY WHEN YOU CAN GET THE BEST OF BOTH
  • BREAK THE NORM: Bon ISO Whey is the World’s First, 100% Pure Whey Isolate Protein packed with a Unique combination of Ultra-filtered Isolate Whey Protein and sufficient amount of Calcium per scoop which is required in the body to support your athletic and fitness goals by accelerating Muscle and Bone recovery. Bon ISO Whey fuels the Bone Strength, helps in Faster Recovery and Muscle building and keeps you Energetic. PERFECT FOR THE ONE WHO PUSH PAST THEIR LIMITS
  • YOU DESERVE MORE:Along with the right blend of Protein and Calcium,Bon ISO Whey is enriched with Vit A, B-complex, C, E, K, Biotin and minerals like Zinc, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium ,Iodine, Chloride, Selenium, Copper, Chromium, Molybdenum and 5.5g of BCAA for an all round performance.This makes our multi-functional formula a great choice and you deserve a comprehensive protein powder to make the supplement complete.It’s the best workout partner THAT WORKS JUST AS HARD AS YOU DO
  • EASY TO MIX, LIGHT ON TUMMMY: Bon ISO Whey protein Ultra- Filtered fast absorbing whey ISOLATE is infused with special digestive enzymes and is bioavailable.It has Zero gluten,No GMO or No preservatives which allows the body to quickly digest the nutrients, restore energy and it is easy on the stomach too.For a rich, thick shake ,mix 1 scoop with about 160ml of water in a shaker or blender.Bon ISO Whey can be easily stirred into solution with a spoon.IDEAL FOR ACTIVE INDIVIDUALS HIGH ON ENERGY
  • BACKED BY SCIENCE, ENSURING HIGH QUALITY: Bon ISO Whey is from the house of Integrace health whose products are prescribed by thousands of Doctors.Our advanced isolated protein complies with severe quality checks and formulated based on the latest science and carefully selected ingredients that meets the high-quality standards.It undergoes state-of-the-art manufacturing to preserve the important Bone and Muscle building properties ensuring only the best protein, THAT YOU CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON
  • DELICIOUS IRISH CHOCOLATE: Bon ISO whey Irish chocolate is a delicious way to get the protein you need as it has the perfect blend of chocolate to make your experience delightful.It contains No added Sugar for keeping up with your Health and Fitness goals.It’s always on the clock to be consumed during any time of day including , Before and After workout, Between meals or before bed.Bon ISO Whey Protein is Easy to Mix and is simply delicious. IT HITS ALL THE RIGHT NOTES WITH YOUR TASTE BUDS