Accurate Advanced Midstream Ovulation Testing Kit

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Pregnancy test kit
Ovuation Test cassette
Test Kit for finding your best days to get pregnant
Read the instruction leaflet carefully prior to testing.

▪ Specially designed for today’s women “planning to conceive”, by finding the best days to get pregnant with Accurate Advanced Ovulation Testing Kit. These Accurate Advanced ovulation tests give women a greater chance of predicting their most fertile days and increase the chances of conceiving naturally, even if their cycle lengths vary.
▪ Unlike ordinary test kits, Accurate Advanced Ovulation test kit is a midstream kit which can be used by placing it directly in the urine flow making it convenient, easy to use and hygienic.
▪ Its Rapid LH detection helps to test LH surge in urine, signaling that ovulation is likely to occur in the next 24-36 hours.
▪ Accurate Advanced is designed and tested extensively for your convenience and hygiene, returning 99% accurate results.
▪ Package Contents: 6 Test devices, 2 Leaflets.