About Us


A therapy-focused healthcare company providing novel solutions in the management of Musculoskeletal Disorders, Pain Management and Women Health. Integrace started its journey in 2018 and is the youngest Top 100 pharma companies with 5 brands ranked #1 in its respective therapy areas.

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Our Journey

OCT 2021
Investment by Singapore Sovereign Fund Temasek
SEPT 2021
Acquisition of brands from Zydus (Mifizest and Cytlog Rank 63 in IPM
MARCH 2021
Transition of Manufacturing facilities from Glenmark and rebranding
FEB 2020
Acquisition of Gynae business from Glenmark
OCT 2018
Acquisition of Ortho business from Glenmark Rank 98 in IPM

Our Values



We meet our customer's legitimate needs and find a way to be in their top priorities.

We learn and improve to keep growing.

We try new things to build a new future.


We plan and get to the root of every challenge, before taking action.

We believe in disciplined execution and delivery gives us our competitive edge.

We say what we think and do what we say, even when inconvenient


We earn respect of all stakeholders, irrespective of their status.

We take ownership of our roles and hold ourselves responsible for what we do.

We work together to achieve more
Even in a tough year, we honoured all our commitments – whether financial, social or governance, and towards all our stakeholders – not just employees, but even our traders, lenders or vendors.

Kedar Rajadnye 

                                                                         CEO, Intergace Health